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Welcome everybody to this small site aGigolo.com, whose purpose is to attract your attention to the biggest online community connecting ladies with man who wishes to become the ladies ´gigolos. Being a gigolo is extremely fun, you just spent hours with horny ladies and MILFS. If you are not able to duly work with your penis or if your dick is simply too small, please do not even think of becoming gigolo at GigoloList.com. It would not be a good work for you ;). However, if your penis is bigger than 15 cm, then you can register yourself at GigoloList.com and try your luck as a discrete and private gigolo! 

As a gigolo, you will be responsible for sensitive treatment of the lady clients. The female client will PAY YOU for the time you spend with her. Well, we do not speak about that too much, you simply can imagine that being a gigolo is the dream job. Not necessarily a full time, but in many cases nice part time job consisting in a discrete relationship with rich and horny ladies. 

We have opened a gigolo (male escort) directory, first of this kind ever. What we offer is making a unique profile at GigoloList.com to any male (older than 18 years) who would like to enjoy the exciting life of a gigolo. With your profile at GigoloList.com any girl and lady, who is looking for a male escort, can very easily find you and contact you. 

If you genuinely enjoy the company of women, and are smart, courteous, sophisticated and good looking, or are willing to make yourself so, male escort jobs may be a good job for you. 

Being a male escort sounds you like a dream job? It IS a DREAM JOB! Just imagine being paid to entertain women, at their expense, as you live out your fantasies in a variety of exotic locations. 


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